New Legal Demand Forces Twitter To Bar Access To Pakistan Government’s Account From Users In India

A new notice was recently published by Twitter on Thursday that spoke about the app blocking access to the account of the Pakistani Government from attaining viewership in India.

The news comes as a response by the company to a new legal demand unveiled by Reuters this morning.

Twitter’s guidelines clearly outlined how it is forced to withhold complete accounts after valid legal demands are set out and that includes the likes of a court order.

The account that goes by the title @GovtofPakistan continued to be unavailable for access and viewing purposes as well as for the sake of interactions. And the number of nations where this took place included countries like Canada, India, and the US as per reports from Reuters.

As of right now, the IT ministries in both India and Pakistan are yet to comment on the matter neither did they confirm nor deny the reports and speculations coming forward today.

Why this has taken place and what exactly the court demand mentioned is yet to be unveiled to the public too as curious netizens await answers on the matter.

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