Ramadan Fast: From Long Days in Oslo to Short Nights in Melbourne, How Muslims Perform Fasting Worldwide

Ramadan, one of the most spiritual events in the Islamic calendar, involves Muslims worldwide taking part in Fasting (AKA Roza), which entails abstaining from food and drink from early dawn to sunset.

Roza lengths vary on the location of the country and the certain yearly period. It can last around twelve to sixteen hours, varying on the city's latitude and the time.

According to data from Statista (based on IslamicFinder data), daily Roza timings in selected cities this year are as follows: Oslo 16 hrs & 26 mins, London 14 hrs & 55 mins, Istanbul 14 hrs & 30 mins, New York 14 hrs & 11 mins, Mecca 13 hrs & 44 mins, Lagos 13 hrs & 29 mins, Jakarta 13 hrs & 10 mins, and Melbourne 12 hrs & 55 mins.

In Oslo, Norway, Muslims are observing the lengthiest fast time as compared to other regions worldwide. Meanwhile, at the sides of Indonesia and Melbourne, observers are lucky to have Roza for approx. thirteen hours respectively.

During this month, Muslims are also encouraged to do more holy acts, such as reading their Holy Book Quran, donating money, and performing deeds of kindness. The following thirty days further culminate in Eid a three-day occasion that comes at the end of this sacred month

While the daily Roza during this month can be a bit hefty, it is also seen as a way for spiritual development and self-control. Observers worldwide look forward to this spiritual period when they can unite with their families to break their fast and enjoy the month's favors.

Fasting has a lot of health benefits, as per NIH, "intermittent fasting can lead to improvements in conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancers and neurological disorders".

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