Finland Tops the List: WHR Reveals the Ranking of the Happiest Countries in the World

According to World Happiness Report, Finland is once again leading the chart of "happiest country in the world," with an index score of 7.80. This nation has now taken first place for more than six years. Finland is unquestionably the happiest nation of all time, and why wouldn't it be? This is not only the finding of this study; several polls also came to the same conclusion. Finland is a country with free access to education, a sense of freedom; a lack of corruption; less pollution; and other factors that help its residents feel at home and safe in this times of excessive inflation, growing crime rates, poverty, pollution, unemployment, etc. The Finnish people's standard of life has increased in part because of their government, but also because of their strong, positive mindset and capacity for contentment.

With index values of 7.59, 7.53, 7.47, and 7.40, respectively, Denmark, Iceland, Israel, and the Netherlands (commonly known as Holland), who took the second to fifth positions, are all ahead of some other nations. In this year’s study of a total of 149 countries all across the world, Israel went up by 5 places while unfortunately, Switzerland dropped to 4 places. According to this survey, the two most powerful nations, the United States and the United Kingdom, were ranked 15th and 16th respectively.

Several critics might not agree with the definition of happiness utilized in this study. According to a Finnish author, Paraguay, and Guatemala would have ranked first if happiness were measured by the number of persons with good emotions. Others claim that if the definition of "happiness" in this context was individuals leading meaningful lives, African nations like Togo or Senegal would have obtained the top spot.

Even with all the tragedies that occurred during these years, including the pandemic, World War III, and economic upheaval, the findings from the past three-year average still showed Finland to be the winner over the previous six years.

A few more nations with high levels of happiness are Switzerland (7.24 on the measure), Norway (7.32), Sweden (7.40), Luxembourg (7.23), and New Zealand (7.12 on average). According to the study, Afghanistan was regarded as the "least happy country" in these recent years, coming in at the bottom of the list.

Finland Tops the List: WHR Reveals the Ranking of the Happiest Countries in the World
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