Social Media Censorship in Pakistan: Facebook and Twitter down After Imran Khan's Arrest to Suppress Free Speech (Updated)

Social media platforms Facebook and Twitter are currently inaccessible for many netizens in Pakistan as they are unable to view the latest news regarding current situation after Imran Khan's arrest, who is the chairperson of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Downdetector's data shows Facebook and Twitter users (in big cities including Rawalpindi, the capital Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar) are unable to log in to their accounts on web and apps, which could mean the internet authorities in the country has barred them from performing any activity on the platform. As per Dawn, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority disrupted the telecom network on interior ministry’s instructions.

These outages are annoying the social media activists and journalists, as they are irked by the lousy tactics used by the current PDM government and establishment to suppress their right of free speech in the country. People from different walks of life are supporting the PTI's narrative by posting in these trending hashtags to voice their concerns.

A large number of users are also complaining about WhatsApp, TikTok and Instagram platforms as they are not working both on web and smartphone devices.
"In addition to social media restrictions, real-time network data show that total internet shutdowns are now in effect in some regions of #Pakistan; the disruptions have been imposed amid the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan.", tweeted NetBlocks.
This censorship of social networks occurred right after the protest of PTI's workers countrywide.

On Tuesday evening, Rangers forces (acting on NAB's warrant) abducted the former prime minister of Pakistan while he was inside the Islamabad High Court for a biometric process.

Following Khan's brutal arrest, the PTI leaders urged all Pakistanis to come out, use their rights and record their protest, although some of the crowd remained peaceful, while some showed aggression.
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