YouTube Cracks Down On Creators And Channels Carrying Out Deception On The App

YouTube says it has zero tolerance for both deception and impersonation on the platform. And now, the app is really making it hard for those channels to survive who steal the ideas of others and achieve gains through such means.

The leading video-sharing app mentioned how impersonation was against all of its policies and now, fan channels would need to move ahead by proving their identity in a clear-cut manner. Hence, you can say goodbye to creating fan channels with ease through such a policy.

There are two main objectives for this, the company adds. The first one has to do with getting rid of any confusion while the second one is linked to kicking deception to the curb.

The company says they’ve been getting plenty of shocking reports from creators of the app who are not happy with the way things have been falling into place recently. They cannot stress how devastating it has become for them to see others take advantage of their hard work and ideas.

Starting August 21 of this year, all such channels would need to avoid confusion by adding a clear-cut label or distinction related to who they are exactly. The introduction must be done in a simple manner so as to avoid any form of confusion and keep users safe from being tricked into believing something that does not exist.

But some people claim that the new policy fails to adequately outline the steps in terms of how exactly a fan account needs to add a description.

The announcement made by the company yesterday simply states in bold terms:

Those operating fan channels must clearly specify a channel’s name or include a handle where the channel can prove that it’s not copying the main creator who came up with it in the first place.

It was very blunt in adding how any account of a fan channel that fails to follow the rules would be removed and if they end up re-uploading content taken from other channels, that would again be seen as a huge offense for obvious reasons.

Similarly, avatars and banners that display or copy another fan channel are strictly not allowed. Clearly, the app is going full throttle in terms of limiting impersonation, as much as it can. But it’s going to be interesting how they end up doing all of this as time will tell how successful the policy change turns out to be.

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