Twitter Praises Its Own ‘Freedom Of Speech Not Reach’ Endeavor With Claims Of Promising Results

Twitter has rolled out an update about its popular ‘Freedom of Speech Not Reach’ program and the tech giant claims it’s doing a great job in that respect.

The company spoke about how the results generated so far have been truly promising and it’s encouraging them to work on the project for more encouraging responses.

A few months back, the tech giant mentioned how it would now begin to limit the engagement of tweets that it felt were going against its hate policy. Therefore, it went ahead and put out labels on posts that stated how the visibility was limited due to hateful content being promoted.

And ever since that began, we are now hearing how it managed to delineate over 700k posts that were working along that very same controversial theme. Since then, it has gone about stopping ads from popping up against content of this nature as well.

The firm further went on to explain how its label would reduce reach for posts by a staggering 81% and that was a huge deal for obvious reasons. Additionally, the app outlined how nearly one-third of individuals opted to get rid of the labeled posts after getting a notification that it went against the company’s policy. Shockingly, it was also mentioned how out of those thousands of posts, just 4% of authors made an appeal.

This is a clear indication that they agreed with the company and did not find their judgment incorrect or unfair.

The firm that charged for access to API says most researchers currently working in this field are not liable to independently confirm such claims. But whatever the case may be, the microblogging website is doing a pretty decent job.

We’re also seeing plans in the pipeline for an expansion of labels and that would entail more different types of violations being considered for the policy. Hence, after this announcement, we can only imagine how it would highlight and limit the visibility of such posts that violate its policies including abuse and hate speech.

The app argues how its top priority at the moment remains to be free speech and that would ensure the platform remains to be a healthy and safe working and entertaining space for all. Moreover, Twitter says the proof is in the fact that more than 97% of its tweets surround healthy content.

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