Meta Scrambles To Save Threads With The Addition Of New Features As App’s Growth Reaches New Low

With a start that was so explosive that people couldn’t stop talking about it, Meta’s Threads failed to keep users hanging on for long. And that’s why the platform is now seeing a new record low in terms of growth and user engagement.

A lot of that has to do with the simple fact that it lacks a lot of features and hence users are not willing to deal with its super limited functionalities. This combined with limited regional availability has people upset for obvious reasons.

Today, the app sits on its 120 million user base and the latest stats speak of growth falling by a staggering 90%. And that’s a major disappointment when you see such a hyped-up launch at the start. The future is murky and with engagement having no signs of improvement, it only makes sense why Facebook’s parent firm must act fast before it’s too late.

Many were at first questioning if Threads would replace Twitter, which is now rebranded as X. But now, it appears that the opposite may be true.

However, experts are not giving up just yet. They do feel there’s a tiny spark in there somewhere and the hype that began initially was a clear representation of the fact that potential may have been there. It was famed as everyone’s favorite alternative platform, giving out something different in the world of texting.

Meta revealed how the app’s algorithm keeps getting better and that is what assists in boosting engagement. This combined with the CEO’s optimism of it being the next big thing in the world of social media, despite the significant discrepancies on display right now, is a clear indication that we cannot give up on Threads just yet.

This is why Meta is outlining some critical updates for the Threads platform including the introduction of a new desktop version and another key offering that entails better search. Both of these features would arrive soon and we’re going to be seeing some more tiny changes that are designed to better users’ experience as well.

Among the changes being thought about for Threads, we’re going to soon be seeing another tab where users can witness all the posts on Threads that people have liked. This gives you a chance to better gauge what sort of content people want to engage with.

In the same way, the app is launching another option for notifications or alerts, giving you a more hands-on approach to handling how you use the app.

While you might assume that these features are so basic, it’s a clear understanding of how this platform is so new and how there needs to be a lot more done by the team to ensure it’s updated in a manner that’s similar to how other apps function.

Then another major rollout is the launch of a new Following Feed. Now that is what we feel can really assist in better functionality on the platform and better the whole in-app experience for users to benefit from.

The news comes at a time when the Meta CEO seems more motivated now than ever to fight against Elon Musk, both physically as well as in the world of social media and growing competition. Hence, it appears that the app would be provided with every chance possible to attain success or get closer to being the number one app, beating out X.

No matter whether the mighty and hyped-up cage fight takes place or not, one thing is for sure. It’s going to be a clear-cut way through which Mark Zuckerberg will continue to make swings at Musk, in every shape or form and that would keep on putting Threads in the spotlight again.

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