YouTube Creators Can Now Filter Comments by Super Thanks, Channel Subscribers, and More

YouTube is rolling out a feature for comment filters in its mobile app. The news comes after it saw a positive response to comment filters on its YouTube Studio. Moreover, such a feature is designed to assist creators in finding the most appropriate comments, depending on several parameters.

As could be seen through examples, the latest comment filters would entail features such as Super Thanks and even Channel Subscribers among others. This would assist creators in honing several kinds of comments that ensure they provide responses to each of them and don’t miss out.

Also, such filters are designed to help in filtering comments that are yet to be seen and provided answers to. So, in the end, the creator manages to establish a connection with their fans by ensuring they’re acknowledging them on the app.

For now, it’s an experiment limited to just a few creators online and you can see the filters pop up in your comments section of a video on the main platform. It’s usually found at the top of the feed, near to another array of options like new comments.

Interestingly, the filters can’t be seen by everyone. Only the creator would find the filters visible on videos they’ve created.

We can see this transforming into something handy and working to better the entire viewer experience. Moreover, it ensures that all relevant comments have the right answers provided to them in a timely way, which is super useful for those who have a paid subscription.

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