Mark Zuckerberg vs. Elon Musk: New Study Proves Zuckerberg Leads In Battle Of The Brains

For the past few months, we’ve heard about how Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk were all set to have a cage fight to see which billionaire CEO reigned supreme in terms of physical strength.

Even the venue had been decided as the Roman Colosseum where the epic showdown was supposedly scheduled to take place. But it seemed like that remained just speculation as there are no real updates on that front any longer.

And as the hype dies down, there’s something else coming to light about the two leading personalities. This has nothing to do with physical strength but actually mental endurance.

A new study from Preply is shedding light on who would win the battle of the brains if both these individuals took part. And the results are out, proving how Meta’s CEO would be the front-runner in this battle.

The firm analyzed a range of public speaking linked to different leaders from today’s modern day and age. This included transcripts seen on video content across YouTube that ranged anywhere between one to three hours.

Several factors were taken into consideration vocabulary, context relevance, readability, diversity of words used, critical thinking, and so on.

Therefore, it was interesting to see how the data provided Zuckerberg scored nearly 70 points out of 100 while Musk got just 64. Other top names in the list that were looked at included Deepmind’s CEO, Netflix’s CEO, Amazon's CEO, and even Airbnb's CEO.

We have to agree that the methodology that was made use of here was certainly not strong enough to examine a person’s real intelligence and critics agreed with that factor as well.

But from what we know it’s interesting how the person to come out on top of all others was the CEO of the parent firm of ChatGPT, Demis Hassabis. Are we surprised, not really.

The Deepmind CEO is much more than just a tech entrepreneur and the recent fame and success that he has accomplished makes him a clear winner for obvious reasons.

For instance, he’s known for being an absolute pro at the game of chess since his childhood. Moreover, the world-famous University of Cambridge requested him to take one gap year before his enrollment into the educational institution. This was linked to the fact that he was the youngest when compared to other classmates at the same level.

Other than that, the man has plenty of renowned research published in top journals including Nature and Science. Similarly, he has a massive figure in terms of degrees linked to computer science as well as cognitive neuroscience.

Obviously, we could go on and on for days when it comes down to him and his accomplishments. But getting back to the topic of Musk and Zuckerberg, we’ve got a winner amongst the duo without any cage fight taking place. Perhaps both leaders could settle the tensions between them with this!

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