Google Will Launch Ranking Improvements Designed To Display More Social Media Content

Search engine giant Google says it’s on a mission to display ranking improvements to help give users more insights about content arising from social media.

This will include posts coming from online forums, blogs, and different social media apps to keep users updated with some personal experiences. For those who might be wondering, it’s a hidden gem feature that the organization unveiled in May this year. However, it confirmed that such an update will not be included in the helpful content domain.

Instead, it’s going to be an integral part of the firm’s main ranking system, as explained by the head of Google’s Engineering team and their leads on Search Products.

The Android maker also shed some light on what exactly the hidden gems are. It’s all about people sharing first-hand data as well as their respective insights and journeys with so many other people in the general public.

Therefore, the company wishes to highlight this kind of content online through search results as well as what’s being seen on search interfaces.

It’s also not the usual core update that we see the company rollout, neither is it the usual helpful content rollout. At the start of the unveiling of Hidden Gems, Google did mention how it’s now going to be included in future updates linked to helpful content online.

But now, the plan of action is more related to becoming a leading part of the ranking system that helps in promoting more authentic material than anything else.

You can find the insights arising from other websites, public forums, blogs, and even social media apps. Hence, if the content is authentic and gives out insights while being helpful, it’s going to pop up for sure.

You won’t see this getting the tag of being a gem. However, the main idea here seems to be related to perceiving such data as truly helpful and perhaps something that may be difficult to see appearing across search results.

A while back, the tech giant mentioned how Hidden Gems wasn’t going live but perhaps it was operational. And today, the company did mention how it did go live and became part of the leading ranking system a couple of months back.

At that time, Google just explained how work on this front was continuing and it’s still not a true part of such updates. They even promised to give out more details in the future as others didn’t take long to interpret the fact that it’s not functional. Maybe what was said was not actually what was meant, experts believe.

Now the question is how exactly does something like this work? Therefore, that’s when Google was directed to plenty of questions in terms of how it could confirm whether things getting published through its system were really authentic or not.

After all, social media is famous for generating content like memes, personas, fake names, and whatnot. The level of authenticity is also questionable or debatable on such platforms.

For now, the company is not willing to leak out too much data regarding this front. However, they are certainly under the impression that it’s less regarding who is posting and more concerned with which type of content is getting published online.

From what we can gather, Google will try and pick up on signals that it makes use of for its ranking system. We’re not sure what that is or if they’ll ever uncover it. But as long as it works for the firm, then good on them!

Photo: unsplash

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