New AI-Based Browser Arc Search Is Serving Competition To Chrome And Safari

The browser war is one that we feel can never come to an end as many continue to compete for the top spot.

It’s Google Chrome for Android and Apple’s Safari for iOS users but wait, there just might be another rival entering the market with a bang.

Say hello to AI-based browser Arc Search who has now entered this fray. The latter is said to differentiate itself by making the most of AI technology which happens to be a leading feature that both Chrome and Safari are yet to offer. So yes, it’s distinct because of making the most of the AI world.

Arc Search is not only smarter, thanks to AI, but it can use breakthrough technology to convert search results into something that you might believe came from ChatGPT directly. It also sprinkles some more conveniences that are designed to enhance the overall user experience.

Does this mean Browser Companies are limited in terms of creating a bigger and better mousetrap?

For a while now, we’ve seen Arch Search has been out of action for several weeks so it’s about time we take a look at how downloads are doing, thanks to stats from App Intelligence.

Since the start of late January 2024, we saw the platform getting famous with the masses after its launch. It was installed close to 401,000 times from Apple’s App Store as per the estimated stats outlined.

The installations might have begun very high on the day of the launch but it failed to maintain that spike. But wait, there was more to come because another spike was witnessed after seven days, reaching the 48,000 mark. This again dropped to just 10,000 per day as mentioned in the estimates.

It was all thanks to users based in the US that we saw help in enhancing downloads, causing a rough 31% rise in general. The second market to help was the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with 6% and then other nations soon followed like India, Egypt, and Germany to become the top five nations to use this app the most, having greater shares.

It’s quite a diverse endeavor and very interesting to witness where the world of AI belongs and how it’s being taken up by others out there today. Now the main query is whether or not it could overtake the king of them all in the world of browsing- Google Chrome.

The answer is no but wait, it’s not doing bad. When we saw the browser collect close to 401,000 downloads, Chrome was collecting 5.6 million new installations. Both of these figures are just for the App Store as the new AI browser is yet to be available for download on Google’s Play Store.

We agree that Google offers fierce competition and it’s not easy to take the King of Browsers on, the downloads of Arc Search fare quite well against other known rivals like Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

AI Enters the Browser Wars
Chart: AppFigures.

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