Survey shows 69% of Americans overwhelmed by password management; Apple's solution aims to ease frustrations

Setting up passwords and then remembering them is so complicated that many people forget their important passwords too. Some people also try to write down their passwords but many experts say that it is not a safe practice. Apple has added a new password app into its upcoming software along with other features like AI. With the help of the password app that is built on KeyChain, the users will be able to keep up with their passwords and access them whenever they feel like it on their Apple devices and Windows PCs.
This step by Apple is a great thing for people who are not remembering passwords. Some people also want an easy password that is strong and safe. Pew Research Center did a survey to know more about what Americans think of passwords. 69% of the respondents of the survey said that they are so overwhelmed because of the different passwords they have to remember. 46% admitted to picking up passwords that are easy to remember even if they are not safe enough to use. 45% are anxious about whether the passwords they use are strong enough or not. 41% write down their passwords somewhere while 32% of the respondents said that they use a password manager to manage their passwords. This is a 20% increase in users of password manager. Apple’s password manager app is also going to help a lot of users in remembering and managing their passwords.

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