Meta Is The Least Trusted Tech Company Among UK Users, Confirms New Forbes Advisory Study

If there is one social media app that has been scrutinized now more than ever, it’s undoubtedly TikTok.
The controversy regarding a ban in the US continues but at the same time, the UK also slapped the firm with fines worth millions for not providing adequate security to minors.

The news comes as the UK’s data protection laws keep on strengthening. And then we saw some major developments arise after a new advisory study by Forbes was conducted to see Britain’s attitude when it comes to trusting apps with personal data.

This is where we happened to find how it was indeed Meta, who is the owner of Facebook and Instagram, turn out to be the least favorite tech company in terms of users trusting them with personal data.

Meta simply failed to win over the confidence of millions in the UK, where many expressed doubts about the right safeguards in place for personal data protection.

Thanks to a recently conducted poll that entailed 2000 adults, nearly half of them were seen expressing concern about the company and how it couldn’t be trusted. But what could be the reason is a question on critics’ minds.

Well, it does not take a rocket scientist to guess how Facebook’s parent firm has been called out for taking part in a number of data breach incidents. Among those, one of the most noteworthy is the Cambridge Analytica issue.

This matter allowed the company to extract data illegally from nearly 87 million individuals around the globe, without anyone taking permission. Moments after the breach ensued, competitors in the social media world lost the confidence of UK citizens who just could no longer trust their personal data.

Close behind was TikTok, where 42% of individuals had trouble testing the app and right after that, it was Twitter with 41%. Similarly, the good news for apps that could be trusted the most included PayPal. Around 47% of people had full confidence that the app was doing a great job at securing their personal details.

In second place for most trusted apps out there today, it’s Amazon where 41% expressed a desire to trust them, and closely behind was computational giant Microsoft with 39%.

It’s quite interesting how 9 out of the 10 firms that UK citizens trust the most were launched before the 2000s. Moreover, the study showed how 90% of British people are worried about data getting hacked.

Nearly 63% had reservations about sharing data with government-owned institutions. And nearly 43% weren’t comfortable with sharing internal details with NHS. As far as startups are concerned, people are more than reluctant to share online data with them as they feel they’re the least likely to be trusted. Out of the majority, only 4% voted in their favor.

It’s interesting to note how younger audience members seem to be more comfortable than others in terms of sharing data online. More than one in six individuals falling in the 18 to 34 age bracket wish to share information on apps like Instagram or TikTok. But when we move on to older age groups, this interest seems to keep on fading away.

Meta Is The Least Trusted Tech Company Among UK Users, Confirms New Forbes Advisory Study

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