TikTok Expands Its Revamped Creator Fund To More Countries So More Users Can Benefit

Popular social media app TikTok is finally rolling out its revamped Creator Fund to more countries around the globe.

The company made the claims today, just six months after we saw it launch the beta version in America. Moreover, TikTok says it’s working on reaching out to various nations such as Japan, Brazil, the UK, Germany, France, and even South Korea.

The original rollout came about in the year 2020 and it certainly did not make a lot of people happy. There was plenty of criticism across the board from all kinds of creators who just did not feel right about the figure paid for the videos that they were putting out

Now, the app is vowing to make creators so much happier with its revised rates and new features that are up for grabs as we speak. We’re also going to see a new formula that’s designed to offer better gross revenue for any qualified views on a video. And that gives an average creator the chance to earn close to 20 times the figure on offer before we saw the change rollout.

The firm mentioned how the new ordeal also features new criteria for eligibility, including how people must be 18 years old and have close to 10,000 followers. In addition to that, 100,000 viewers should be accumulated for, that arose in the past month.

Creators are putting out plenty of videos that are more than a minute. This is a move that points to the app’s extreme competition, one of which is obviously the leader of videos, YouTube.

The platform says it hopes to get rid of the old creator fund after the new one gets out of the phase of beta.

But don’t think that’s it. We are hearing more about how the platform wants to attract more and more creators and enhance its revenue-building offerings.

Remember, we just heard about the app launching its own e-commerce features such as with the rollout of a new TikTok shot across various American retailers. Therefore, creators are going to see this as one inviting opportunity to build up on such partnerships and create a bigger following.

They will similarly be able to use more monetization tools such as Live Subscriptions, gifts, and more interesting features from the app that have grown in popularity in recent times.

The firm has also mentioned recently how it was going to roll out an innovative means of private texting and more endeavors that would assist users with networking. This would build up engagement for the app, along the way as well.

In actual reality, we’re seeing more and more creators enter, and that increases the chances of making viral content through this app. And in the end, TikTok benefits the most as it will get plenty of attention along the way.

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